About Us

Jems n Jewels is a diamond jewelry manufacturing company established in the Year 2000, just at the start of 21st century. 

It’s a very modern company with a very modern approach in its work. It was started with the inspiration & support of 2 entities

viz. M/s. Anjalee Jewellers Group, Ahmedabad & Mr. Satish Gandhi of M/s. J M Diamond Group, Mumbai. 

All through our existence, we have modeled our business on one single & simple idea – manufacturing of exquisite diamond jewelry. Along with manufacturing jewelry, we also take care of sourcing of loose diamonds. So, our target customer i.e. the retailer & the wholesaler can concentrate on just one particular thing that he knows best & i.e. marketing. For a client, who wants to use his own diamonds, we also manufacture jewelry on job-work basis. Our ability to provide tailor-made solutions to each of our clients has held us in good stead in the industry. Our designing capabilities, combined with great workmanship & diversified customer base, give us a unique vantage point to create beautiful & trendy jewelry. 

Our designers & workers adopt an ear-to-the-ground approach & create the latest designs to enable our clients to capitalise on emerging trends. 

At Jems n Jewels, we always try to innovate. Only for you. The trust & confidence of our clientele inspire us to deliver personalised, value-added services. We aim to raise the bar by constantly re-inventing ourselves & adapting to dynamic market trends.


Jewelry Manufacturing is our core business. We specialize in exquisite handcrafted diamond jewelry designed & manufactured by skilled artisans & craftsmen. We also have adapted to new techniques of manufacturing which is aided by Computer Aided Designing (CAD) & creating jewelry using specialized machinery. 

We cater to a vast variety of clientele all over India, especially to retailers & wholesalers & provide the following services:

  • Manufacturing of customised handcrafted as well as mechanised diamond jewelry

  • Sourcing of latest designs from skilled artisans


We provide the most comprehensive range of polished diamonds that meets each client’s diverse needs. We source our diamonds from range of suppliers, which include DTC Sightholders, manufacturers & traders. Our aim is to provide diamonds at most competitive prices to our clients.

We can provide loose diamonds in all shapes, sizes, clarity & colours. But we specialise in D-M colours & IF-I2 clarities. Our range includes:

  • -2

  • Stars

  • Melées

  • Dossiers

  • Caraters

  • Certified & Non-certified Solitaires

  • Fancy shapes such as Princess, Marquise, Pears, Ovals, Cushions, Tapers & Baguettes